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Free Plant Based Weight Loss Course
Free Plant Based Weight Loss Course

Tasty Vegan Meal Prep Just Got Easier!

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Feeling hangry and being let down time and time again is over. Yo-yo diets are the worst! Quick-fix diets for weight loss simply don’t include YOU and your life goals. 

Are you looking for a holistic healthy change in your life? 

I’m Vegan Susy and I’m here to tell you there is a better road to sustainable weight loss — A flavourful whole food plant-based lifestyle plan with mindful self-compassion.

More Plants💚Less Pounds — Plant-Based Diet Plans with Vegan Susy

With my 30-Day Jump Start plant-based health plan, you explore a new energising mindset. This is more than a diet plan, this is a holistic health reset.

Win back your freedom and happily enjoy eating. Be worry-free with my vegan meal plans. End the never-ending rat race of dieting and enjoy a fulfilling life full of food and passion.

My 30-Day plant-based diet plan & my 90-Day Deep Dive courses give you the support you need.

You Get:

  • Me, Vegan Susy, as your devoted holistic health coach working with you 

  • A plant-based diet course that guides you through a step-by-step plan of action custom fit to meet your needs

  • A supportive like-minded community thriving with a whole food plant-based lifestyle

  • Easy, fast, flavour-packed, and nutritionally dense vegan meal plans to nourish your body 

  • Effective and easy workouts that are flexible to your needs and leave you toned

Join us for this 30-day plant-based diet plan of action and harness the power of your mind.

With my More Plants💚Less Pounds approach you get more than just vegan weight loss meal plans. I’m in your corner to help you feel inspired as you explore a mindful step-by-step healthier and tastier lifestyle guide.

5 star

"Thanks, Susy. I have been yo-yo dieting all my life, and for once, I am slowly building sustainable habits that are making a difference. I can feel the difference and the weight is just dropping off! Thank you for mentoring, motivating, and, most importantly, teaching me about nutrition and making healthier choices. The bulk cooking works. I had never felt so full and satisfied. I also love your strength training mini-tutorials. They work hand in hand so well, although I know weight is 80% of what we eat and drink."


Tanya Daye

I know a vegan diet transition is a personal journey, explore your mindset and create sustainable change in your life. My goal is to help you connect to your inner passion and find your reason to make healthy choices. It’s my honour to support you with your whole food plant-based 30-Day Jump Start course starting at only $59 for a limited time.

Professional Holistic Health Coach Expertise

Vegan Susy plant-based nutrition professional


I've explored a nutritious and mindful lifestyle and now I'm bringing my mindset success to you.

Plant-based nutrition certificate
plant-based nutrition program
5 star

"I've been eating Whole Food Plant-Based and enjoying the amazing health benefits. But I must say that Susy's recipes and inspiring words make the journey so much more fun and tasty. Thanks so much, Susy!" Tracey Steinberg


Savour the flavour of good health and well-being in your life NOW and Get Your FREE eBook and Cheat Sheets.

Your whole food plant-based diet meal plan struggles are over when you join my 30-Day Jump Start course. Join my exclusive members-only community and lay the foundation you need to build healthy habits and lose weight sustainably. Find the passion you desire through mindset shifts and the support you deserve.

Me Before Going Whole Food Plant-Based.

Vegan Susy Before Whole Food Plant Based

Vegan Susy beach walking

Me Less Than Six Months Later.

Vegan Susy After Whole Food Plant Based

Find your plant-based diet freedom and feed your passion. Are you ready?

Vegan Susy’s More Plants💚Less Pounds — 3 Pillars for Change

My value-based philosophy embodies mindful self-compassion. It is my engaging edutainment that underpins my plant-based diet plans.

3 pillars for change

Connect to your inner “Why” with these 3 Pillars woven throughout my plant-based diet courses. They are seeds ready to bud within you as you develop your purpose-driven mindset.


Mindset — Your Thinking Sets the Stage for Success

Whether you're looking for guidance with a vegan diet for beginners or are already practising a plant-based diet — This is the whole food plant-based diet plan to help you feel empowered. Find your passion within to shine through your plant-based diet plan challenges and lose weight sustainably.

Mindful eating

Mindful Eating Vegan Meal Plans Ready for YOU


Meal prep your whole food plant-based diet ahead so you can relax and enjoy more moments. Find crave-worthy and nutrient-dense whole food plant-based diet meal plans to nourish your body and mind. And learn tricks to save money with my recipes for vegan meals on a budget.


Movement Uncover Your Passion

Say goodbye to feeling lost about how to exercise with my 30-Day Jump Start plant-based diet plan. I provide the mindful framework to help you tap into your inspiration and lose weight sustainably. Create energy through movement in daily life and find a path through your roadblocks to good health and well-being. 

5 star

"I have been vegan for years and thought I was pretty healthy but trying Whole Food Plant-Based and implementing your 3 core pillars, I have noticed a difference in my weight and gut. I am less bloated and feel more energized. Thank you for your recipes and your gorgeous photos really help and inspire me" Alixandra Brown


Unlock your tastiest whole food plant-based health plan with me, Vegan Susy. I’m the health and wellbeing coach who’s honoured to support your journey. Sustainable weight loss starts with my More Plants💚Less Pounds holistic philosophy. Your 30-Day Jump Start plant-based diet plan is here.

Get the Support You Need with Vegan Susy’s More Plants💚Less Pounds Courses

Celebrate your growth with our community as you make lasting healthy change. You're giving yourself a gift by starting a 30-day plant-based diet plan course. I’m here to acknowledge it step-by-step with you.

Gain Insight in the Vegan Susy Exclusive Members-Only Private Community

In my 30-Day & 90-Day plant-based diet community, we reveal our ideas leading to our own and each other's vegan diet success by:

  • Celebrating all of our wins

  • Encouraging mindful self-compassion

  • Inspiring each other with a growth mindset

  • Collaborating and brainstorming together

  • Offering an accountability partnership

When we make room to support ourselves with a whole food plant-based diet meal plan, we make room to support good health and well-being for all.

Explore Good Health and Well-Being With Vegan Susy’s Blog

I aim to leave no plant-based diet struggle hidden. My blog is full of tips and resources on how to navigate a vegan diet and lifestyle changes.

Fall in Love With Vegan Susy’s Plant-Based Recipes

Whole food vegan meal plan recipes that have you excited for your next plant-based diet indulgence.

5 star

“Your recipes are creative, tasty and always satisfying. I can tell you've put a lot of love and time into your recipes, and I appreciate that! When I need help staying healthy, I know I can count on your recipes to help me continue my healing journey.”


Michelle Deakings

Hi, I’m Susy,

Your Dedicated Vegan Diet Holistic Health Coach


Your good health and well-being is my passion. Get your mojo back! I’m here to help you live a purpose-driven life.

I want you to know you’re in the right place to find success with a plant-based diet.

Vegan Susy smiling

Not too long ago I was standing in similar shoes to yours. I had conflicting ideas about motherhood, priorities, and nutrition. 

I found myself stuck in a cycle of exhaustion and longing for a healthier version of myself. Can you relate?

You’re not alone if you’re feeling discouraged by a lack of direction on your road to good health and well-being. As women, we tend to put ourselves last on our agenda. We’re used to making the needed sacrifices to support our families.

I flipped the switch and found my spark within to break my habit-based mindset. I embraced a vegan diet and began an adventure to find my motivation. I gave myself the healthy change I NEEDed to give me the extra energy I longed for… and my family thanked me for it.

Vegan Susy before and after plant-based diet

I’m here to tell you that you can lose weight sustainably without sacrificing your values… or flavour!

And that’s exactly why I created my mindful 30-Day Jump Start plant-based diet course. 

The road to successful whole food plant-based weight loss just got shorter. I bring all of my insight to this course with the support you deserve. You get to learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to make them.

Embracing YOUR transformative process through mindful self-compassion is where your power lies. I’m the health and wellness coach to help you find your path.

Vegan Susy before and after going whole food plant-based

If you’re looking for a beginner vegan diet or if you want to find a whole food plant-based healthy approach — You have everything to gain with Vegan Susy’s 30-Day Jump Start course.

Enjoy having vibrant energy and feeling more connected in your life — more connected to your values, your family, your friends… and even the planet.

Your vivid joy-filled life is waiting for you, it’s only a 30-day plant-based health plan away. Join my 30-Day Jump Start, dig deeper with my 90-Day Deep Dive Course, get live cooking & exercise demonstrations with my subscription services, and get the one-on-one consultations you need.

Ready? Your more energetic you awaits:

Vegan Susy’s 30-Day Jump Start

Plant-Based Diet Course – Online Program

Get Holistic Support When You Need It — A Personalised Mentor Program

Get group coaching with weekly live question-and-answer support. Be confident knowing you have a holistic vegan diet health coach ready to help you.

Vegan Susy holistic support
More Plants Less Pounds Community

Stay Connected with Even More Support — Get Access to My Exclusive Members-Only More Plants💚Less Pounds Private Community

Embrace mindful self-compassion and hold each other accountable. Explore a plant-based diet mindset together. Making healthy choices and friends feels so good.

Know What, When, and How to Make Success Happen —  A Simple 4-Step Action Plan to Plant-Based Diet Success

My framework meets you where you are and guides you to lose weight sustainably.

Reveal your healthiest future vision and feel empowered as you’re set into action toward it.

4-Step Action Plan to Plant-Based Diet Success
The Success Mindset

Discover Your Motivation — Learn How to Find Your True Why

  • Guiding you towards connection to yourself is the holistic coach work I love to do.

  • Step on your road to health and wellness with confidence.

  • Feel ready to make healthy choices and lasting change.

Stop Wondering What to Eat — And Start Looking Forward to Your Next Plant-Based Meal.

Open the door to a variety of tasty and healthful whole food plant-based meal plan options.

My 30-day plant-based diet course features scrumptious vegan meal recipes for weight loss,

all at your fingertips.

More Plants Less Pounds Jump Start Sustainable Weight Loss

Learn What Works for YOUR Body —  Redefine Movement on Your Terms.

Reflect on what works for YOUR body as you expand YOUR vision. Exercise demonstrations that leave you in the driver's seat.

5 star

"Talking about your Aha moments has made this journey worthwile, and I hope many more get to feel those moments as we have. Identifying external reasons for taking these bold steps beyond just one's "weight loss" is the glue that makes this stick!"


Marsha B.

Your Vegan Susy health and well-being toolbox is waiting for you, you get:

  • Your engaging 30-Day Jump Start Workbook

  • Convenient Weight Loss Companion Ebook of Cheat Sheets

  • A Weight Loss Calculator

  • A Weight Maintenance Calculator

  • Drool-worthy Vegan Meal Plans 🤤😋

Vegan eBooks
More Plants Less Pounds Jump Start Course
Sustainable Weight Loss Companion
  • Thoughtful Vegan Meal Plan Templates

  • Mindful Exercise Plan Templates

  • The Delicious Breakfast Recipes eGuide

  • Your Grocery Shopping eGuide  

  • My Sensational Smoothies & Juices Recipe eBook

Refreshed and vibrant looks so good on you with my 30-day plant-based diet plan for weight loss. Get all this holistic value for my launching price of $59. Complete the course within 3 months and gain free lifetime access.

Upgrade Option 1 – Get an exclusive 40-minute private consultation with your course and pay $97.

I’ll personally jump in your shoes with you for 40 minutes to help you apply my concepts in real time.

Upgrade Option 2 – Add weekly live cooking and exercise demos with our subscription service for the low price of $19/month.

The 90-Day Deep Dive *COMING SOON*

Plant-Based Diet Course – Online Program

You’ve completed my 30-Day Jump Start plant-based diet plan and you’re looking to expand your mindset for longer-lasting change. Solidify your growth with healthy habits that serve you.

You understand your path to health and wellness involves lifelong learning and you’re ready to continue your growth mindset. Our 90-Day Deep Dive plant-based diet course is the guide you’re longing for.

  • 3-Month DEEP DIVE version of my plant-based weight loss course. 100% online. There is NO 1:1 coaching included with this option.

  • The course includes 12 weekly programs with videos covering over 360 slides, packed with powerful information and worksheets to embed the new skills you learn and implement, to help you change your relationship with food for good.

  • Get Instant Access: After purchase you get an email with instructions and a link to access the online course.

  • Get the 90-Day Deep Dive course for ONLY $148.

More Plants Less Pounds 90 Day Deep Dive

The 90-Day Deep Dive *COMING SOON*

Online Program – PLUS One-to-One Coaching

More Plants Less Pounds one to one coachig
  • 3-Month Deep Dive PLUS 1:1 Companion version of my plant-based weight loss course. 100% online. This includes everything in the DIY option PLUS 5 Live One-to-One coaching sessions.

  • This transformation is a 90-Day Commitment. This includes the full 3-month online program, all digital products and bonuses, plus 6 x 45–minute coaching call cosy sessions with Vegan Susy.

  • This is not a passive series of lectures and nor is this program intended for the faint hearted. This is a private, secure, safe space: A place to get stuck in and to get your hands dirty.

  • Get Instant Access: After purchase you get an email with instructions and a link to access the online course.

  • Get the 90-Day Deep Dive course with one-to-one coaching for ONLY $597.

Vegan Susy Answers Your Questions

Are there any kitchen experience, exercise modification, age, travel, or time restrictions I need to consider?

NO is the short answer. Save time, learn how to cook, embrace your body at any age, and do it all on the go. Find more detailed answers to your questions in our FAQ’s.

5 star

"...I have a brand new outlook on food and its effects, both personally and socially, what an inspiration you are! Your knowledge, commitment and skills keep me moving forward on my quest to eat healthier and to be healthier, looking forward to your next course." Evelyn O'Donnell


Vegan Susy’s 30-Day Jump Start course is the holistic guide you need to help you embrace and thrive with a plant-based diet. Why delay? Get your FREE Cheat Sheets and get your

Nobody ever regrets making a positive change in their life. Bonus — plant-based diets are healing the Earth. I’m rooting for you!

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