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Welcome! I’m Susy, a Whole Food Plant-Based Holistic Health Coach

I’m delighted you found your way to my health and well-being courses — More Plants💚Less Pounds.

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This is your invitation to join me on YOUR journey to a healthier lifestyle.

I'm here to let you know your road to health and well-being is less of a destination and more of a process. I’d be honoured to be the holistic health coach by your side on your road to a healthier lifestyle.

End the frustration of yo-yo dieting and start enjoying food again – guilt-free!

Finding Your WHY on Your Road to Health and Well-Being

My transformation to a healthy lifestyle took off in 2014. I read a life-changing article about the Earth’s destruction due to human neglect. I related to it, it got me thinking about my health and self-care. I realised there’s a connection between climate change and my lifestyle.

It became clear, that aligning my mindset with my values was the way to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet. I’m passionate about the legacy I leave my one and only daughter. My greatest motivation is to stay healthy and active to be with her as long as I can. It’s also my goal to give her a better future by living a lifestyle that helps preserve the Earth.

My greatest strength is bringing this passion for health and well-being to you. And that’s an ability I don’t take for granted, it’s also my greatest gift. Witnessing healthy lifestyle transformations is my life's work. I'm HERE NOW to help you find your purpose-driven mindset and connect to your WHY.

What motivates YOUR healthy lifestyle? Find your WHY with More Plants💚Less Pounds courses now!

5 star

“Since coming across Susy, I have a brand new outlook on food and its effects, both personally and socially, what an inspiration you are!”

Evelyn O'Donnell

You can read more about my story of how climate change led me to self-awareness, self-care, and ultimately healthy choices with a whole-food plant-based diet here ➡️

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Me Before Going Whole Food Plant-Based

Vegan Susy Before Whole Food Plant Based

Vegan Susy Whole Food Plant Based

Me Less Than Six Months Later

Vegan Susy After Whole Food Plant Based

A Healthy Mindset Sets the Stage For Your Healthy Lifestyle – Guaranteed!

Is making a change easy? No. It’s something I had to be ready for. But it’s something every woman must do at some point. The first step on my path to a healthy lifestyle was deciding to make a mindset shift. A healthy lifestyle requires getting uncomfortable at times, holding yourself accountable, and dealing with challenging moments. With support, day by day, I learned how to listen to my heart and practise mindful self-compassion during these moments and YOU can too.

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Finding the right support is vital to creating success with a healthy lifestyle.

It was the encouragement of my partner, Paul, his guidance led me to a healthier mindset. As I battled with my self-care and self-respect, he helped me move toward the lasting change I longed for with a whole food plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle.

Sustainable weight loss with mindful self-control became effortless once I had help – and now I’m bringing help to YOU.

5 star

"Thanks, Susy. I have been yo-yo dieting all my life, and for once, I am slowly building sustainable habits that are making a difference. I can feel the difference and the weight is just dropping off! Thank you for mentoring, motivating, and, most importantly, teaching me about nutrition and making healthier choices..."


Tanya Daye

No more going it alone. Get the right support with my step-by-step framework and The More Plants Less Pounds community. Through the members-only private community groups, you practise stepping into the healthy lifestyle you long for. We’re here to acknowledge, nurture, and celebrate your growth every step of the way.

Get the healthy lifestyle support YOU DESERVE with

Why Pick More Plants💚Less Pounds with Vegan Susy as Your Health and Well-Being Coach?

I have the certification, experience, and passion to make a difference in YOUR life. Including:

Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program
  • T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies Certificate from eCornell University

  • Inspiring Holistic Health Coach Devoted to Women’s Health

  • Knowledgable Fitness Instructor

  • Passionate Climate Change Activist

  • Tuned in Nature Lover

  • Kind Animal Advocate

  • Caring Mindful Self-Compassion Supporter

The More Plants💚Less Pounds courses offer a level of depth that helps you find a deep lasting motivation within. Examining the root of your choices is at the core.

Find your mindful self-compassion and guidance with me Vegan Susy, your favourite holistic health coach. Jumpstart your healthy lifestyle with uplifting support. You get:

  • Clear directives with an action plan 

  • Simple shopping guides with whole food plant-based meal planning

  • Energising strength conditioning and body recomposition workouts

  • Tasty whole food plant-based meal prep support 

  • The tools to lose weight sustainably and keep it off

  • Guidance with emotional eating patterns and blocks

  • Emotional support as you grow and change

  • Steps to make lasting healthy habit tweaks and changes  

  • Help to define and practice self-control effortlessly

  • Specific direction to achieve YOUR goals 

  • Nurturing to call out and move past your fears

  • More YOU time as you learn how to prioritise what you value

  • Inspiration and energy to thrive

This is not a diet plan. This is a road map for WOMEN in all seasons of growth in life.

You're unstoppable in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle with my More Plants 💚 Less Pounds courses.

Empower yourself and get your mojo back while discovering how to shed unhealthy patterns.

Vegan Susy Be The Change
5 star

“...Your knowledge, commitment and skills keep me moving forward on my quest to eat healthier and to be healthier, looking forward to your next course. Evelyn O'Donnell

Are you tired of struggling with poor and inconsistent eating and exercise patterns? More Plants💚Less Pounds courses help you end that hopeless cycle. Don’t spend years on the road of what could have been. It’s time to take action and get your energising healthy lifestyle now.

But What Makes the More Plants Less Pounds Approach Stand Out?

  • A Program for Women. The experience of being a woman is unique. Be surrounded by loving women just like yourself looking for a healthy lifestyle. You deserve a safe place to talk about all things female and feel connected to women. Sister love is underestimated and the world NEEDS more women helping women so I’m bringing it to YOU.

  • Connection to Yourself and Others. Get guidance toward inner self-reflection and connect to your values. Practice mindful self-compassion with our members-only private community support group. Getting closer to your priorities and values shows you the depth of your power. Uncover your confidence and feel a new depth of self-love.

  • Gain a Passion for Food. I’m with you every step of the way sharing my love of whole-food plant-based cooking. Step into the kitchen with confidence. You get weekly cooking demonstrations, whole food plant-based meal plans, and shopping lists. My LOVE of tasty whole food plant-based meal prep is contagious and EASY to learn.

5 star

I'm always wowed by the tasty recipes. You make plant-based eating so appealing, tasty and feasible. Keep the recipes coming!

Maria Fisher


Discover the joy of eating for the taste of it with whole food plant-based recipes. Your tastebuds rejoice as you transition into whole food plant-based meal planning. Feel nourished, satisfied and EXCITED for your next crave-worthy snack.

Whole food plant-based meal plans
Vegan Susy Holistic Health Coach

I’m Vegan Susy, the Holistic Health Coach Devoted to Your Freedom of Choice

Through years of hit-and-miss experimentation, I developed the MMM’s framework in the More Plants💚Less Pounds courses.

The process of applying these 3 pillars led me to live a vibrant life filled with connection to myself, loved ones, and nature. As I shared the MMM’s framework with others I watched them transform their lives.

My mission became clear: Guide women on their path to weight loss, inner strength, body transformation and optimal health through the discovery of a whole food plant-based diet. I’m here NOW to support you in jumping into the high-spirited healthy lifestyle you long for.

More Plants Less Pounds MMM framework

More Plants💚Less Pounds is for you if you’re

  • Ready to embrace change and find your healthy lifestyle

  • Transitioning to a whole food plant-based diet 

  • Looking for support to maintain a healthier whole food plant-based diet

  • Seeking a plan for sustainable weight loss and fat loss

  • Trying to find the strength to engage your life with passion

It’s easy to find yourself confused with a lack of direction on the path to a healthy lifestyle. And then fear can pop its head in when you least expect it adding to delayed action and excuses that hold you back. It’s time to put an end to all of these struggles and join

5 star

“...When I need help staying healthy, I know I can count on your recipes to help me continue my healing journey.”

Michelle Deakings


Don’t delay, no one ever says they regret moving toward a healthy lifestyle. Your life – your goals, time to make the best of it!

Unlock Your Transformation Today!

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