Raving Fans and Success Stories

Thanks, Susy. I have been yo-yo dieting all my life, and for once, I am slowly building sustainable habits that are making a difference. I can feel the difference and the weight is just dropping off!

Thank you for mentoring, motivating, and, most importantly, teaching me about nutrition and making healthier choices.

The bulk cooking works. I had never felt so full and satisfied.

I also love your strength training mini-tutorials. They work hand in hand so well, although I know weight is 80% of what we eat and drink.


Tanya Daye

Since knowing you for over two years, I have been inspired to eat healthier and think more about my food choices. It never occurred to me before that we have choices to help ourselves, and our food choices show that we care about ourselves, animals and the planet.

I love all the information you've shared and made me aware of the animals.  As an animal lover,  society has desensitised us so much as to the treatment of animals that are slaughtered... we are so much more naive than we could have ever imagined.  So I'm so very thankful to you for being brave enough to share the tough stuff too.


Sharon Stohlman

I’ve been eating Whole Food Plant Based and enjoying the amazing health benefits.

But I must say that Susy's recipes and inspiring words make the journey so much more fun and tasty.

Thanks so much, Susy!


Tracey Steinberg

Your recipes are creative, tasty and always satisfying.

I can tell you've put a lot of love and time into your recipes, and I appreciate that!

When I need help staying healthy, I know I can count on your recipes to help me continue my healing journey.


Michelle Deakings

I'm always wowed by the tasty recipes. You make plant-based eating so appealing, tasty and feasible.

Keep the recipes coming!


Maria Fisher

You never know what cuisine to expect with the recipes, except that they always taste amazing.

I love that they are so varied and from all over the world; looking forward to trying more.

Thank you for the inspiring photos too... Keep up the good work!


Marsha B.

I have been vegan for years and thought I was pretty healthy but trying Whole Food Plant Based and implementing your 3 core pillars, I have noticed a difference in my weight and gut.

I am less bloated and feel more energised.

Thank you for your recipes and your gorgeous photos really help and inspire me.


Alixandra Brown

Since coming across Susy, I have a brand new outlook on food and its effects, both personally and socially, what an inspiration you are!

Your knowledge, commitment and skills keep me moving forward on my quest to eat healthier and to be healthier, looking forward to your next course.


Evelyn O'Donnell

I was a Vegetarian on and off since 1972, which can easily cause weight GAIN! My middle daughter, the artist Kallen Mikel, convinced me to go Vegan. I learned that chickens and cows are cruelly treated slaves that don't live long producing our dairy products. But my point here is to say that even though I am 5'10", I was up to around 180-185 there for many years eating all those dairy products.

Since becoming Vegan, I hover around 170-172 and bicycle every day. I am an extremely healthy and active 72 year old! Healthy, happy and grateful. Thank you Susy, for your commitment and great recipes with lovely photos, it really helps.


Barb Heiam-Bjornsen

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